About Lauren Prats

I never dreamt of being a teacher, doctor or veterinarian as a child. I guess there was always this voice telling me I wouldn't be able to, or I will never make it. I wanted to be a backup dancer for Ginuwine (big 80’ and 90’s R&B singer). It was my life goal to dance on stage with anyone. I was a great dancer but I was no ballerina or gymnast! I loved tap and hip hop, that was it! I loved the glitz of the shows and the music did something to my brain that made me feel relaxed. See, I was diagnosed Dyslexic and ADD when I was in the 3rd grade. I’m 36 now and this was before it was cool and heard of. In school I would have crippling anxiety when it was my turn to read aloud. I would stutter, skip or mispronounce words and whole sentences then have ZERO recollection of what I just read. My parents let me grow and encouraged me to flourish in the areas of my life that I excelled in such as dancing and the arts! I loved makeup and was doing everyones makeup for dances and whenever I would go out with my friends. Strangely, it all felt so easy. I danced for the next 13 years. Went to college on a dance scholarship because it wasn't going to be because of my ACT score, a 12 and I gave it my all! I sat in classes thinking there is nothing here for me. Coming home for Christmas after my first semester, I never went back. I enrolled to Aveda in 2004 right before I turned 20 and never looked back! It wasn’t Ginuwine…. but I was genuinely so happy, passionate and loved everyday of my career.

Fast forward to the present, I’m a wife to my childhood sweetheart of 10 years. A very proud, exhausted, and poop wiping mother to two young boys. They are my greatest success and I literately want to make out with them everyday. Becoming a mother just changes you, am I right?! 

I wanted more time with them and the flexibly to go on field trips, attend “muffins with mom” or whatever is required of us to attend. 

I left my comfy job at the spa I worked for over 10 years. As my esthetics career took off so did my waxing. I was obsessed with the instant gratification it gave me and the look on my clients faces when they looked into the mirror to see their eyebrows or felt their skin after waxing and facials. I wanted to create something more. HiBrow quickly grew from a small closet in my friends hair salon into 13 employees and the recent opening of the very colorful PalmStone. 

I quickly fell in love with growing the business. I teach, design, create new services, create experiences for our clients and so much more! It's all exciting and I never get bored!! 

This past year I was having a hard time finding a place to put all my information and tutorials and tips that our clients love and engage with most! I was creatively dead and really struggling. I never thought of myself as someone needing to have a creative outlet but I was desperately searching for somewhere to put my content. 

I want one place for clients to have access to and not only be fun but informative! I want to keep my clients for a lifetime. After some time searching my manager (Francesca and dear friend) said, “Look at this word” 

MERAKI-to put piece of yourself (your soul, creativity, or love) in your work. When you love doing something, anything, so much that you put something of yourself into it.

This helped me consolidate all my creative ideas and find it's purpose. I’m not saying if you’re not a creative person you're not living your best life. What I’m saying is that as I have grown in life I have felt pressure to put myself last and I know I’m not alone! I wanted to get back to the beginning and remind why I even started doing what I do now and how I got to this point!

SO what is Meraki Society?! 

I want a place that everyone can visit and have access. Real information by practitioners. Broken down into relatable content that's easy and fun to understand. I want to learn new things along with you in a fun way! I know as a mom life doesn't get easier it only gets busier. I’m always flattered that people  want to know what I’m using on my skin or when should they allow their daughter to wax and how to apply products and in what order. It's also turned into people telling me that they wish that they could be as vulnerable as me and being honest about the ups and downs of motherhood. 

   I don't know why age , jobs, motherhood, social media and family members has influenced us to completely deny ourselves time, self care and the love of anything that sparkles. We are even afraid of putting color in our homes!!! We are all little girls trying to live as adults in a very image conscious world. Raising children, trying to get a promotion or loose those 10 extra pounds. At the same time with making sure that we all fit in, that everyone likes you and you have met everyones expectations.

  I’m personally exhausted trying to suppress that side of me and I know that there are more women out there that feel the same way! I love color, rattan, and anything Golden Girls. I love the idea of being fit but hate the gym. My hair is consistently a source of conversation. I love mules and hate heels. I need to have many options of beverages but can't finish one. I am have expensive taste but on a beer budget. I find humor essential at any point things become  too serious. 

I find it crucial that I be who I am because DO NOT get a do over! Spoiler Alert- Neither do you!!!

MERAKI is my outlet to continue to educate and share all these things that I love and experiences. I want you to share with other women and feel comfortable asking questions and even tell me what has worked.  I’m going to be extremely honest and vulnerable in my likes and dislikes. 

   I am excited to launch my own line of skincare! After 15 years I created very simple products that work and are efficient. The products will be available along  with tips and tricks making your routine more efficient. 

  I’m excited for you to get to know me and the girls I work with more personally! I have the BEST girls they make me laugh all the time! Our tribe just keeps growing! I’m excited to give insight to what I do daily and what I'm passionate about love and I think would benefit your life.

 I will encourage you to find your “MERAKI” no matter how big or small!