Vitamin C You Later (Alligator)

Vitamin C You Later (Alligator)

By Lauren Prats

Vitamin C You Later (Alligator)

Did you know that Vitamin C is the only vitamin we humans do not produce on our own? However, it is essential to our skin and bones. Some amazing benefits include the production of collagen, an important protein used to make skin, tendons, ligaments, and blood vessels. It also promotes wound healing and forms protective scar tissue. 

This is one of my favorite ingredients because of it’s many functions that aid in repairing and protecting the skin! 

To really appreciate the power of Vitamin C, you must know why Free Radicals are harmful and what Antioxidants can do. 

Free Radicals are ugly environmental bullies caused by UV radiation from the sun, pollution, cigarette smoke and toxic chemicals. They create a chain reaction of unstable molecules that cause mutations in DNA such as cancer. Free radical stress breaks down collagen, slows down natural repair process and triggers inflammation. All leading to fine lines, wrinkles, loose skin, acne breakouts and a blotchy skin tone. 

Antioxidants are compounds that fight damage from these unstable molecules. They work by giving electrons to neutralize them. Antioxidants allow skin to repair itself and correct visible damage.

So think of Vitamin C as a little tin soldier that protects you from skin damage. It is your first line of defense in the skin by limiting oxidative stress. One tin soldier comes when there is stress and calls another tin soldier when there are more free radicals and so on. He’s the only man I need to fight my battles! 

Vitamin C is the leader in antioxidants because it has the most powerful results. However, not all C products are created equal because C is delicate and unstable. So let me break it down for you! 

Light, heat and air can cause them to oxidize quickly and lose effectiveness. They break it down because it's meant to activate a shield on our skin, remember?So look for products that are in dark, opaque bottles and are air tight.

Also, look for products that are 15% or higher. I use 20% L-ascorbic serum. In addition, having vitamin E or ferulic acid help stabilize the C.  

If you are 18 and older and you don't have a Vitamin C serum you need to get one! In your 30’s you need to look for a C with 20% because it has a higher potency. Looking for products with hydrating properties like hyaluronic acid will help boost the benefits. 

Vitamin C serums fight hyperpigmentation by stopping the tyrosinase enzyme and preventing melanin production. That’s why the face looks brighter without lightening skin tone overall. ( Hydroquinone is a bleaching cream, so whitening is very different). 

Although UV radiation is blocked and skin is protected, C should not be used “instead” of sunscreen. It should be applied under your mineral sunscreen. 

I’ve had clients say “Vitamin C makes me break out”. It absolutely can if you are not remembering to put moisture back in the skin. Think about moisture like a bandaid. When you cut yourself and don't put a bandaid on, then hit the cut, go in the sun, or touch a chemical it will hurt and likely bleed again. Moisturizers are the bandaid that helps your skin from getting inflamed and prevent acne or redness.

All this is just topical! I haven’t even addressed the internal benefits. I know it seems like a lot of information, so I’m here to help! Just remember when starting anything It WILL take time to see results, about 6-12 weeks. Be patient because with your skin! 


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