The Modern French

The Modern French

By Lauren Prats

The Modern French


The 90’s are calling and they are wanting their manicure back! The “French Manicure” is back and better than ever! You can't deny that it makes your hands feel dainty and ultra femme. I know it makes me feel like Cher sitting in class with my pink fuzzy pen and wearing one of my many plaid skirts, rolling with the homies (Clueless Movie 1995).


Image via Page Six


However, it's 2019 and this new “Modern French Mani” is a combination of the “American Manicure” using softer whites but adding the cuticle half moon nail art! I have gotten so many compliments and I love how it makes my nails look! I also find that it's an easy way to play with the 90’s trends that have made a comeback but avoiding the crop top and ugly sneakers that are everywhere! If you're my age (35) than this will bring back so many memories of walking into the nail salon getting my “new acrylic set, short, french mani” for any one ion my school dances or whenever I got enough money from babysitting. Oh, that was the life!!! 


Next time you get your nails done show the the photo and ask for the “Meraki Modern French”


I got a gel manicure and the colors used are 

OPI “Bubble Bath” & “I couldn't bare less”